Balance is the key to all things, and even more so for our four legged companions.

As the great mind Albert Einstein once said “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  NWB Dogs aims to offer the opportunity to question any preconceived notions of dog behavior and training you may have had in the past and make a conscious decision that will change your future and your dogs life for the better.

Serving Hood River and The Dalles NWB Dogs is the Columbia River Gorge’s premier boarding and training program for dogs. We offer personalized pet boarding and dog training at our facility. Dog training historically has been quite harsh, with heavy corrections used to attain perfect obedience or punish behaviors.  The backlash from that was the newer-generation of “all positive” dog training techniques. It is our opinion that both methods are ineffective in the long-run. NWB Dogs’ training methods are built on a foundation of motivation, trust and respect.

 We practice balanced dog training, integrating both positive and negative reinforcement with motivational training as the pillar of our foundation.  We believe you cannot cultivate the good in your dog by ignoring their poor decisions. We must motivate them not to make them in the first place. We focus on building a relationship of trust and respect, then show clients how to properly lead their dogs. When you pair this style of leadership with utilizing your dog’s motivation (food, toys, play etc.), your dog will be more confident and empowered to make more appropriate choices on their own in order to get the things they desire, and avoid the things they don’t.

When your furry BFF wants to have a sleepover, we're here to help. Activities and human interaction set us apart from other dog boarding services.

We create a lasting relationship between you and your faithful companion based on mutual trust and respect.

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Morning: 7am-10am

Evening: 4pm-7pm