Boarding Rates and Fees

Years of experience in training and dog handling gives NWB Dogs the unique knowledge and skills required to meet the needs of many dog personalities. Unlike many other dog-boarding facilities we do not charge extra for snuggle time, potty breaks, more exercise or medication administration.

 We meet dogs’ needs based off of their individual personalities.  Our care and attention to each dog is reflected in our flat rate pricing.  While we generally require that boarding dogs be of the “happy-go-lucky” variety, we do accept a certain number of dogs with specific behavior issues on a case-by-case basis at a higher nightly rate.

Boarding Pricing:

Dog-Friendly Dogs: $50 per night

Dog-Reactive (active or history-of): $75 per night

While we don’t charge extra for boarding services, we do charge a daycare fee of $30 for afternoon pick-ups on your dog’s final day.

Training Programs and Pricing

Each custom program will fall into one of the following categories.  Price ranges reflect the severity and type of dog behaviors we are managing.  After we have reviewed your Inquiry Form we will either offer you a choice of programs from below or schedule an evaluation.

Private Training Packages:

Four Lessons:

 Basic: $500

 Intermediate: $800

Six Lessons:

True Human-Aggression or Dog-Aggression: $1,500

*Add E-Collar Training to Any Private Training Package: $500


Puppy Training (under 6 months old):

Four Lessons:

Foundations Training (without E-Collar): $500

Puppy Consult $100/hr


Board and Train:


Without E-Collar: $2,000

With E-Collar: $2,500

Four-Six Weeks:

With or without E-Collar: $4,000

Six-Week +:

True Human-Aggression or Dog-Aggression: $6,000

*Note: True dog aggression will be determined upon an in-person evaluation with Matt. Most dogs whose owners consider their behavior “aggressive” are actually displaying reactivity and should qualify for a less-intensive training program such as Private Lessons or a Four-Week Board and Train.

Hourly Consult:


Pick-up and Drop-off Schedule


Morning: 7am-10am
Evening: 4pm-7pm


Saturday-Sunday: 4pm-6pm

We understand schedules are not rigid. If you need to arrange a pick-up or drop-off time outside of our scheduled hours email us and we can arrange that in advance on a case-by-case basis for a fee of $10 per appointment.


Morning: 7am-10am

Evening: 4pm-7pm